dance theatre

Life is a tragicomedy full of love and hate and we do not know whether to laugh or cry.


Alpha Alpha is an ecstatic trip into the human nature, it is a metaphor of existence evoked on stage through contemporary dance and electronic music.


The human being is a mysterious creature, ambiguous, contradictory and dialectical.

In these ambivalences one can find the revelation of the mystery of existence. The meaning of life can be interpreted as transcendental and metaphysical, but the rationality of the science has thrown us into the reality of things: the human is an animal able to love and hate, to create and destroy, depending on the randomness of events.

But then, where is free will? And ethics and morality? They can not be the fruit of coincidences...or can they?


With and by: Elise Bruyère, Lou Gulli, Neus Barcons Roca,

Sophie Melis, Florian Albin, Florian Vuille

Original Music: Eric Desjeux

Voice: Denyse Schwab

Technician: Laurens Klass

Coach: David Zambrano

Direction: Daniele Bianco