My names Daniele Bianco, I am an Italian theatre artist born in Tuscany in 1983.

I started my personal career in 1999 as an autodidact, experimenting primarily in the field of street theatre and clowning. I founded and lead with some other colleagues the Italian street theatre company Compagnia Arra.

As circus skills were part of the company work, in 2007 I completed one semester of studies at the circus school Carampa in Madrid, ES. In 2008 I started the Bachelor program in Physical Theater at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Locarno, CH, where I received my Degree in 2011 with Highest Honors and the Supsi (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana) price for the Best Thesis. After my graduation I continued working as a freelancer performing in different shows in governmental and independent theatre. Moreover I founding the collectively organized theatre company for physical theatre in Switzerland, Zwischentraumtheater and the Compagnia Grande Giro in which I work as a creator, performer, playwright and director untill now.


In June 2017 I earn the Master's Degree in Drama Directing and Creation at RITCS- Royal Institute Theatre Cinema and Sound - of Brussels, Belgium.


My activity expands as a freelancer with original creation collaborating in various theatrical generes and forms such as narrative theatre, dance, physical theatre, circus, site specific performance and video.

Especially I was directing, writing and coaching, as outside eye, different project.


Other work experiences in the field of theatre pedagogy complete my background. I teach theatre and I offer workshop to yong, adults and elderly, both professional and amateurs, in  Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Spain.
I work as a clown trainer for the association Ridere per Vivere, an association that organizes hospital clowning in Ticino, CH.

I am part as volunteer of Clowns Without Borders Switzerland, as coordinator for international project.


Also other works related in a broader way to performance and arts interest me. Therefore I made three different radio formats for the web radio Gwendalyn in Ticino, consisting of either radio drammas or reportages. I supervised the creation, filming and editing of the documentary on the work of the dancer David Zambrano at TicTac Brussels in 2019. Furthermore in 2014 I initiated as one of the two curators the Human Myth Festival of Art and Ideas, Copenaghen, DK.