Foto: Justine Kunchel


Young Theatre



What would it be if death one day

would he stop killing?


In a nameless country, on December 31st, as always, midnight strikes. This time, however, the new year brings a surprise: death no longer want kills anymore! An entire nation experiences a paradoxical situation where the first rush of jubilation is replaced by a deep and long crisis involving institutions and population. A critique about our society and modern man, that opens a reflection on a great taboo of our time. An ode to life, where death becomes a human and sensitive character, who with fragility make us rediscover the meaning of existence.

FIRMATO M.  is a show freely inspired by the novel

Death with interruption, by José Saramago.


Idea and Production: Grande Giro

Project: Young Lab

With and by: Arianna de Angelis, Camilla Stanga, Elmira Oberholzer, Gaia Grigorov, Lia Franchini, Noemi Zürcher, Sophie Papais,

Samuele Cingari, Fedro Mattei, Giacomo Stanga,Mosè Melchiorre, Robert Barbaric, Tiago Poretti

Creation: Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda,

Daniele Bianco

With the support of: Göhner Stiftung, Oertli Stiftung, Banca Stato,

Colombo + Casiraghi architetti sa


In collaboration with: Centro Giovani and Comune di Mendrisio