teatro danza

Someone let us entering a wonderful world, we meet, we greet each other and we walk the same road for a while. Then we disappear in the same absurd and sudden way in which we arrived.

Sophie's Word

Jostein Gaarder



I AM is a dance theatre show loosely based on the novel Sophie's Word by Jostein Gaarder.

Grande Giro wonders about philosophical questions: Who I am? Where it comes from the word? answering in artistic way trough theatre, dance, music and video. An innovative show with ironic tone and moments of introspection intimacy.


Whit and by: Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda, Paolo Masini, Loris Ciresa

Playwright and directing: Daniele Bianco

Music and video: Loris Ciresa

Dance coaching: Lucio Baglivo

Light: Monica Gorla

Set design: Handwerkplusdesign

Costumes: Pott Manufatcture

Graphic:Vera Bianda

Production: Grande Giro

Co-production: ETI, Europäisches Theater Institut, Berlino; Museo Casanova.

Tanks to: DECS Repubblica e Cantone Ticino - Fondo Swisslos, Ernst Goehner Stiftung