Foto: Michela Piccini

Foto: Matteo Masolini


storytelling / physical theatre



A Fool enchants the crowded audience telling about a ageless hero who wants save the world. In this way are evoked disasters, deserts, monsters with a thousand faces, stars, planets, the universe and time. Fear and courage, wonder and despair.


Daniele Bianco and the Grande Giro present a storytelling monologue, a physical theater solo: a contemporary histrion who dance, wriggles, squirm to tell a modern legend shouting, crying and whispering.


An intimate, foul and sacred story where the power of imagination makes liveable the magnificently mysterious human existence.



By and with: Daniele Bianco

Text and staging: Daniele Bianco

Artistic collaboration: Lea Lechler and Valentina Bianda

Original music: Kety Fusco

External Eye: Jean Martin Roy

Production: Grande Giro

Coproduction: Museo Casanova, ETI Berlin

With the support of: DECS - Republic and Canton Ticino SWISSLOS fund; Fondation SUISSA; SIS.