interactive theatre for teen-ager


Another cycle has passed, and is time to meet again for faeries, elves and other magical creatures. They are desperate, angry, at times hopeless, by the reckless destructive human behavior pursued in their shared environment. Two expert in Humatology explain different strategy to react. What will decide the magical community?


An interactive show for teen-agers: the ecological and climatic issue are explained in a didactic and funny way. The audience can partecipate to find creative alternative and discuss about the role of human being on the planet.


With: Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda e Daniele Bianco

Concept: Lea Lechler, Emma Oern,Daniele Bianco, Paolo Zuccotti.

Playwrigth:Paolo Zuccotti

Adattamento: Daniele Bianco

Produzione: Human Myth Festival; ETI- Berlin