Foto: Arnaud Beelen


buffoni musicali fuori strada


A blind man and a cripple are searching for the way home. Time has taken them far away and they no longer remember the way. Mamma is waiting for them at home. Maybe. Maybe she’s old, maybe she’s dead or gone, abandoned them. Maybe they just got lost.

To continue they have to eat and to eat  they have to make money and then they makeshift street musicians and sing their pain, their anger, longing or the joy to be still alive.

They ask for little alms and then leaveagain  with their wheelchair, become a cart full of musical instrument embraced with their few possessions, their home.

Two characters who are found to be healthy and without deformations, are bluffing, are looking for a way of living playing between irony and cynicism, between honesty and fiction.


Many questions and that do not find solutions but only the possibility of "wasting time" whatever happens in their journey.

An allegory of the daily search for existential truth struggling with the desire to hide behind impregnable fortresses from where to look at the world without being in danger. Everyone builds his armor but they are also a ballast to "fly" free.




With and by: Florian Vuille e Daniele Bianco

Production: Grande Giro

Coproduction: Espace L'Escaut - BE