Physical  Theatre

 A Physical  Theatre play for young, which starts from the question: how to build the future?

An aseptic bunker houses, a group of grotesque characters confronted with an outward drifting world, a post-apocalyptic scenario, and a new society to be built.
It time to awareness; the moment of transformation. Together they begin to fantasize about a possible return to the surface to create a new world, a utopia that becomes more and more concrete until it shows itself as a possible reality.

The main artistic language is physical theatre; the research phase has a strong field investigation component.


Idea and production: Grande Giro
Project: Young Lab
With and by: Arianna De Angelis, Arnaud Fauconnet, Camilla Stanga, Elmira Oberholzer, Fedro Mattei, Laura Ponti, Lia Franchini, Meret Koenig, Noemi Zürcher, Robert Barbaric, Samuel Cingari, Tiago Poretti
Creation: Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda, Daniele Bianco
Thanks to: Centro Giovani Mendrisio
Funds and support: Ernst Göhner Stiftung; Jürg George Bürki-Stiftung