"Nie nie und nimmer ..I don't want to sleep!"

The child in our story (i.e. the girl, i.e. the children... in fact it doesn't matter who...) doesn't want to go to bed, doesn't want to wake up, doesn't want to go to school, in short doesn't want to grow up and become an adult. But why?

We will find out together in the new show of the CIRCOLINO PIPISTRELLO that will take us to the world of dreams where everything is possible thanks to fantasy: many colourful characters that play, jump and fly to make all children live the most amazing "night" of life, where fantasy and reality are the same thing.

Dramaturgy and direction: Daniele Bianco
Choreography and co-direction: Florian Vuille
Original music: Dario Miranda
Costumes: Alice Gauthier
By and with: Circolino Pipistrello