physical theatre


We are free! Free! Free?

What is power? What is domination in our life?

The fool is stupid, ugly, grotesque. The fool is a  disturbing element in the society and It's a outcast but is the only one that can answer this questions. 


Five performers, trough a physical and visual research, want to give an ironic critics of humans dynamic and hierarchies. 


With and by: Laura Belli, Lea Lechler, Joerdis Woelk, Daniele Bianco, Daniele Pennati, Lorenzo Torracchi 

Outside eye: Daniele Bianco 

Light: Ermanno Marini

Costumes: Cristina Guarnieri

Coach: Jean Martin Roy e Lucio Baglivo

Production: ZTT

Co-Production: Choessi Theater, Casanova, La Gualchiera

Thanks for the support: Migros kulturprozent; Ernst Goener Stiftung; Stad Bern.