theatre for young audience


But if  I wonder what it's mean to be young today. What do I answer?


Ten grotesque characters meet on a stage full of costumes with a story to be invented: their own.

Senza Fili is  a play to young people about of freedom, inspired by Carlo Collodi's book: The adventures of Pinocchio.


A choral, tragicomic show, where dance and text are blended to tell a story between fantasy and reality.

An artistic reflection on the condition of young people, their ideas, their dreams, and the possibility to realize them.


Idea and Production: Grande Giro

With and by: Arianna de Angelis, Camilla Stanga, Gaia Grigorov, Lia Franchini, Noemi Zürcher, Sophie Papais, Fedro Mattei, Giacomo Stanga, Robert Barbaric, Tiago Poretti.

Creation: Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda, Daniele Bianco.

Direction and playwright: Daniele Bianco

Thanks to: DECS - Repubblica e Canton Ticino, fondo Swisslos.