interactive animated reading

A strange character opens his big suitcase and pulls out vintage phones of all shapes and ages: with handsets, extendable wires, with numeric keys and rotating discs.

Then he invites young and old to sit down and answer: on the other end of the phone he tells the short and very special Fables On the Telephone of Mr. Gianni Rodari.

An interactive installation, where an actor can read Gianni Rodari’s fairy tales thanks to the communicating phones: fantastic, delicate, funny short stories that can be heard one after the other without ever getting tired.

A theatrical animation that welcomes kids intriguing with objects that are part of an imaginary "ancient", now.

The animation includes the participation of 1 to 5 people at a time, who choose the stories to listen directly from the handsets.

The duration is variable.


With and By: Daniele Bianco 

Technical installation: Ticimatica SA