Physical Theatre

In a basement somewhere in one of the big European cities seven people, all immigrants, live crowded and without privacy their daily lives. Coming from different countries the reasons for their immigration is rather different. Still they have a lot of things in common: attracted by the dream of the splendid wonderland Europe where money, dignity and freedom are waiting for them, 


During the period of a day we get insight in the lives of seven so-called “foreigners”. The spectator is lost inside their dreams, together with them he recalls their memories, drowns in their fears and relives their hopes that form sometimes abstract, sometime realistic moments told through dance, mime, speech, music and poetry.



With and by: Lea Lechler, Adele Raes, Joerdis Woelk, Laura Belli, Daniele Pennati, Lorenzo Torracchi e Daniele Bianco 

Idea: Farid Bentoumi

Outside eye: Pablo Ariel Bursztyn

Light: Christopher Siegenthaler, Ermanno Marini