Foto: Julio Martin


contemporary circus

When you’re chasing a dream

you meet more than you are looking for …


Decide to take a step forward and meet the void, all the unknown possibilities are offered: fun, unexpected, obsessive experiences that are the engine to a new path traveld by imaginative tools.

Ready to risk?


Tope is a show that deals with the concept of travel, transformation, between fear and courage.

A work of contemporary circus, clowns and balance that run on the tightrope on a demontable bike full of surprises.

A delicately subversive and poetically eccentric tale.


By and with: Javier Franco

Directed by: Daniele Bianco

Bicycle Construction: Javier Molina - Mimol Custom Bikes

Costume: Raquel Poblador - Obsidiana Atelier

Production: Monopajaroverde Circus Company

With the support of: Casa Urroz- Huesca ES; The circus house - Zaragoza ES; Escula Circo Capicua - Huesca ES