theater music


Vento di Mare is a music and theatre show loosely based on the work of the Italian songwriter Fabrizio De André. The show is made to present this exceptional artistic figure to a german speaking audience.

A guitarrist and two actresses play, sing and dance the poetry of De André. The show lets the public enter in the Italian word: landscapes, characters, culture and stories told with tragicomic and emotional point of view. 



With and by:

Valentina Bianda, Lea Lechler ed Enrico Ballardini

Playwright and direction: Daniele Bianco

Production: Grande Giro

Co-production: ETI, Berlin

Thanks for the support: Migros Kultur Prozent, Jürg-Georg Bürki Stiftung, Oertli Stiftung, Chössi Theater Lichtensteig