ZTT-ZwischenTraumTheater was an international physical-theatre-company founded at the end of 2011, lived until 2016, in Switzerland bringing together German and Italian performers all with a different artistic expertise. The majority of them receive a physical theatre education in Accademia Teatro Dimitri.

Their aim is to do theatre in the broadest sense: with dynamic body poetry, including music, dance, mime and text and with the encounters of different styles. It is the company’s necessity to work on social and human issues without searching any kind of virtuosity but merely by using their technique to serve the issue itself.

The work of the company is organized collectively. Teamwork and everybody's input, stimulus and the capacities as well as the diversity of every member is very important for the creation and the research of the company.


ZTT is: Lea Lechler, Laura Belli, Joerdis Woelk, Daniele Pennati, Lorenzo Torracchi and Daniele Bianco.